Message from President Price on UNC-Charlotte Shooting

Price message to the community

To the Duke community,

This morning, our thoughts and prayers go out to our colleagues at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as they recover from yesterday’s tragic shooting. We have been in touch with officials at the UNC system to offer ongoing support and express condolences. To those at Duke with family and friends in Charlotte we offer our support as well, with counseling available in this difficult time.

Duke is always working diligently to keep our students, faculty, staff, and visitors safe on campus. Duke Police train regularly for active-shooter situations, and we have robust and extensive protocols and warning systems in place for alerting the community to any threatening incidents. Our newest resource, the LiveSafe app, also offers a range of personal security features. As these situations continue to evolve, we should all remain vigilant and proactive.

We are resolutely committed to protecting the Duke community from harm. In the aftermath of the tragic events in Charlotte, we will continue to strive to make our campus even safer for everyone who studies, visits, or works here.


Vincent E. Price