Sign Up For IT Status Alerts

IT Status Alert flyer with link

Since the majority of us are working and studying virtually, we are depending on technology like never before and it can be disruptive, when, for example, an important system like Zoom goes down. For awareness, Duke’s Office of Information Technology encourages students, faculty and staff to sign up for IT status alerts.

Duke’s IT status alert system informs members of the Duke community when technology such as the university’s wireless network, email or other online systems are affected by upgrades, unforeseen outages or maintenance.

To subscribe to IT status alerts, visit and click the “subscribe to updates” button in the upper right corner. Subscribers can choose the types of services to monitor from a collapsible menu and select to receive notifications through email, text or RSS feed.

Email notifications provide regular updates for outages, while SMS notifications only alert uses when an outage begins, and again when it is resolved.

Anyone can follow Duke’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) on Twitter, @DukeOIT, for automatic, real-time updates.

“As soon as OIT is aware of a service outage we will post an IT status alert,” said Vernon Thornton, a member of the OIT Operations Management team. “It is important to sign up to receive notifications so you are aware of outages that may impact your work.”

OIT contracted the service with StatusPage, an external vendor that allows IT statuses to be viewed any time.

For questions or concerns about IT alerts, please contact the OIT Service Desk at or call 919-684-2200.