Duke Run/Walk Club Fall Season Begins Aug. 14

Offering includes in-person running and walking groups on East and West campuses

Spring 2023 Duke Run/Walk Club participants walk around the East Campus loop. Photo by Les Todd.

Connect with LIVE FOR LIFE

7 ways Duke's employee wellness program can help you this fall.

The Duke Run/Walk Club is back in action, offering in-person running and walking groups on campus beginning Aug. 14 through Nov. 1.

Organized by LIVE FOR LIFE, Duke's employee wellness program, the club offers two locations, the East Campus loop and Al Buehler Trail on West Campus, both of which include beginner and advanced fitness levels.

“This can help people at various places along their fitness journey, whether they want to get moving, learn to run better or work towards competing in a race or doing a race for fun,” said LIVE FOR LIFE Fitness Specialist Lauren Bullock.

The East Campus group will meet on the grassy area across the street from Duke Human Resources offices at 705 Broad St. The West Campus group will meet at the Green Zone Al Buehler jogging trail lot off 751/Cameron Boulevard. Both groups meet at 5:30 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The program will also include an independent program, allowing staff and faculty to run or walk on their own and log their activity.

Participants who log at least 10 sessions — whether in-person or virtual — earn LIVE FOR LIFE Dollars (Monopoly-like money) to purchase items like Fitbits, reusable water bottles and more.

Register: hr.duke.edu/runwalk.

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