Brodie Recreation Center Temporarily Closed

University shares statement on East Campus facility

Brodie Recreation Center on East Campus

Please know the safety and well-being of our community is our top priority. Based on the testing we have conducted to date and the ongoing analysis of our medical experts, we do not expect any harmful health effects for anyone who entered the building since the paint was disturbed. While we understand this news may cause concern, we assure you we are taking all necessary steps to safely address this situation. 

Lead-based paint does not present a potential risk until it begins to deteriorate or is disturbed, and only then if any dust generated is subsequently ingested or inhaled.  Short-term exposures to lead among adults are not considered a significant risk to health. 

“Most adults are not at risk unless they routinely work with or around lead,” said Carol Epling, executive director of Duke Employee Health. “We have not identified any medical studies showing adverse health effects from very short-term dust contamination of shoes and clothing at the levels found on the recreation center floors.” 

Duke has notified the approximately 2,800 people known to have entered the facility since the paint later found to contain lead was disturbed. Personal testing for lead exposure is neither required nor recommended at this time. 

As a precaution, anyone who has used the facility since March 22 and is pregnant or breastfeeding, or brought young children to the facility, or who has significant kidney disease, is encouraged to consult a medical professional. Students and alumni may call Student Health at 919-681-9355. Employees may contact Employee Occupational Health and Wellness at 919-684-3136 (select option 2) or 919-385-0429 (select option 1). Any employees or students with questions may also call these numbers to discuss any concerns. 

Brodie Recreation Center will reopen once the facility has been fully cleaned, tested and independently cleared for use.  

This situation is ongoing and we will continue to keep the community informed. We will provide updates whenever there is more information to share.