Update Your Personal Profile Information, Win a Chance at an Apple iPad

Review personal and beneficiary information during ‘Check Yourself’ campaign through April 11

A graphic displays the text You Better 'Check Yourself'

During the “Check Yourself” campaign through April 11, Duke Human Resources is asking all staff and faculty to review and update their personal and beneficiary information on the Duke@Work self-service website. Employees who make a change or update information between April 1-April 11 will be entered into a random drawing for an Apple iPad.

Information that can be reviewed and updated includes:

  • Gender Identity, Pronouns, and Preferred First Name (such as Bill instead of William)
  • Race, Ethnicity, Veteran and Disability Status
  • Address and Phone Numbers
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Cell Phone Number for emergency text messages
  • Beneficiaries for Basic Life Insurance, Supplemental Term Life Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and retirement accounts
An example of text on the Duke@Work self-service website shows what information can be updated.
The Duke@Work self-service website allows employees to update personal information when necessary.

Employees can also review the “View Summary of my Personal Information” in the My Profile section of Duke@Work to ensure education level is accurate, especially if a new degree has been obtained since hired, and that work location and work arrangement is accurate (on-site, remote or hybrid). Changes or updates to those two fields must be requested of your payroll/Human Resources representative.

The $10,000 basic life insurance benefit paid for by Duke is separate from the supplemental life insurance, which is voluntary and employee-paid coverage. Beneficiaries need to be updated for both plans individually.

Double-check your beneficiary information for all insurance and retirement plans directly at hr.duke.edu/benefits/enrollment/beneficiaries.

To make sure your information is up to date, go to the Duke@Work self-service website and check your providers as well.

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