Applications Being Accepted for New Front Line Supervisor Program

Front Line Supervisors Program brings new twist on management training

Man talking with co-workers.
The new Front Line Supervisors Program aims to help managers create good relationships with their team. Photo courtesy of Duke Learning and Organization Development.

Being an effective manager requires a good grasp on not only how to do your job, but how you can get the best out of colleagues around you.

Duke Learning and Organization Development’s Front Line Supervisors Program, which will begin its first session this summer, offers new managers the opportunity to work on business acumen, people management, project management and selected supervisory competencies over nine months.

“This is for people who are actively serving in a role where they’re responsible for directing the work of others,” said Gina Rogers, the program’s organizer and program director for the Professional Development Academy. “There are people here that manage process, but this program is designed for people who are supervising people. This is going to focus on the human side of supervision.”

Manager nominations are due by May 15. Completed applicant packets must be submitted by 5 p.m. May 15.

The program features a mix of classroom learning, bi-monthly self-directed learning sessions, departmental project, coaching and a 360-degree assessment of participants’ work style by colleagues. It will unfold over a span of several multi-day work sessions over the nine months.

The goal of the program is to improve a manager’s leadership abilities in three ways.

“Think of this program like a three-legged stool,” Rogers said. “Each part is equally important.”

Rogers said the first three sessions will focus on self-awareness and understanding how and why participants do what they do.

The second segment deals with improving team dynamics focusing on a manager’s ability to interact with teams and foster engagement and accountability.

Segment three centers on building organizational savvy; working in tandem with leadership to develop insights into strategic organizational effectiveness.

To learn more about the program, including the application information, visit this page.

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